Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Walking Video & Agoraphobia Buddy

The above videos are pretty straight forward. It's just me out on my daily walk and at 4 points where I can push things further as i seem to cover a square area. I made the video's for my friend D but figured I would post them on here as they are easier to watch this way.

D and I have decided to team up in the fight to beat agoraphobia. Obviously I had already established a bit of a routine with my daily walks and drives but now D and I are going to do it together. Each night we both go online and we discuss our plan for the next day. Usually the goals are manageable and at the moment we focus on 'a street at a time'. We both leave the house at the same time each day and then after an hour or so outside we go on the phone and talk about how we got on.

It has actually worked out well so far as it gives you that extra push to make the effort. Today for example i was very tired. I had little sleep at all last night and I could have happily slept the day away, but with D in mind I forced myself out of bed, went to the shops and then went on my walk, pushing myself an extra couple of streets. It's nice to know someone is doing the same thing at the exact same time, going through the same emotions. I'm sure in future we will share frustrations and also successes and I look forward to hearing about D's progress. Obviously getting better is about me...and for me, but as I walk it does help to think... I'll do this for D. If possible I would recommend that you try this out. I'm sure you know someone else with agoraphobia who you speak to online or whatever... if not there is always D and I, we can start a team ha.

(Excuse the poor sound quality, i couldn't talk too loudly in case someone passed by and stuck a straight jacket on me ha i must have looked strange)


Drew said...

The buddy idea is a really good one. If you're interested, check out PanicStation (http://panicstation.ning.com). There's a small but really good group of us over there doing similar work and using video, forums and blogging to help each other out. All are welcomed!

Keep up the great work!

Dr. President said...

I did this last year (well I tried to)