Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Merry Christmas Catch Up

Hi All,

I received a lovely message this morning from a woman who reads this blog. She was wanting to check Im ok since I haven't posted for a while.  Once again my excuse is laziness and just not having the time.

In answer to her questions, I am ok! In fact, I am great. 

2015 has been a wonderful year for me.  The best in so long... in fact, id go as far as saying its been the best in over 10 years.

I have worked quite hard this year but the results have been worth it.  I continue to get stronger and challenge myself in new ways. 

Since my last post Nathan and I have been very busy. Lots of lovely day trips, lots of family visits and occasions that before just seemed impossible.  I now really believe nothing is impossible if you are willing to do the work. Yes, it can be hard and some days are harder than others, but you have to just keep pushing on.

The loveliest part of the year has been the end part when I met a wonderful man who adores Nathan and I.  He is the kind of man I always wanted, but wasn't sure if they only existed in Disney movies and romcoms.  Handsome, charming, respectful, thoughtful, he is all of those things.

After my awful last relationship and years on my own, I was pretty lonely but also pretty cynical about ever finding someone special. But I was wrong. I've been on many romantic dates, stayed over at his place.. and even spent the odd night in a hotel, which in the past would just never have happened.  It shows me how far I have come.

Christmas has come along and I've been attending all Nathans parties... concerts. And since he has just turned 5 (I know!!!!! how did that happen) I threw him a big party in a venue I could never have accessed before.

I am full of Christmas spirit. I am excited to spend this year with wonderful people who make me feel loved and valued, again... something that was slightly missing before.  I am so proud of everything I have achieved in 2015 and so grateful to my wonderful friends who helped make it possible.

Its cliché and a bit 'Facebook' but I am feeling very blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and New Year and enter 2016 full of positivity and hope.  Much Love x