Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Taz & Gerry and the week ahead

Thankfully my walks are still improving, each day i gradually go further and luckily I haven't felt much anxiety lately. Something that will help with this routine is that I am doing a bit of dog watching. Angela who I have meantioned before, has just got herself a new dog named Taz. On Monday she started a new job, and although eventually she will be able to drive home and take the dog out whilst at work, for the first 4 weeks she is in full days of training. So... for the next 4 weeks I have Taz most days. I have already had him a couple of times and it has been a great success. I got out walking 3 to 4 times a day and I can walk the same route over and over and don't look as strange as I would usually when walking alone. I usually walk with him on his lead but today I took him to an open area and decided I would let him off this lead and see how he gets on. It went well untill I suddenly he was getting further and further away. I realised at this point that Taz could out run me AND he could run out of my safety zone. Thankfully I caught up with him just a little outside my usual route and was ok.

I have just said my goodbyes to Gerry who is flying to Canada in the morning. I am a little sad as I know I will miss him but I remind myself it is only a week, and we all know how quickly a week can pass.

Tomorrow it is time to go back to the dentist. I am not anxious tonight like i was the last time but obviously I am still a little apprehensive. I am sure I will be ok but last time I had Gerry's company to distract me from the pain.. oh well, this time i will have Taz lol

Still driving as often as a driver is available. Been out for the last 4 days in a row which is good. Just need someone who has some spare time to make the sessions a little longer. If no one is around I at least know I have Karen, my occupational therapist, on Friday and we can go a drive where I will hopefully feel the confidence and be relaxed enough to go a little further. Ideally I would like to have some improvements to tell Gerry about when he gets back.


Melisa (and Frankie) said...

Hi! I found your blog about two weeks ago and have been following it. I too have a form of agoraphobia. I can go to the local stores and run local errands, but other things like visiting with friends and family out of my comfort zone is so very difficult. I have been dealing with panic and anxiety disorder, agoraphobia, and other phobias since I was a teenager. Thanks to A LOT help from doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, hypnotherapy, alternative medicine, homeopathics, etc., I am still here and pushing through life. Sounds like you're doing a great job and keep up the good work. Check out my blog when you get a chance. I have Lucinda Bassett's "Attacking Anxiety, Panic, and Depression" as a free download, along with the workbook if you want it. It helped me, maybe it can help you in some way too.
Take Care,
P.S. Who is Luke? A nephew?

Lynn said...

Yeh Luke is my nephew and the love of my life haha. He means the world to me. I would love to hear more about your Lucinda Basset download