Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Just back from the dentist again

Not long back from my latest dental appointment which i am talking about in the video. I forgot to mention what happened before i got the work done. I was left waiting for a full hour this time before i was even given the injection to numb my mouth. This time the numbness DID cause me to panic. I wasn't thrilled about my appointment today but I was no where near as nervous as I was the last time, so i was surprised about the panic.

Once given my injections i was told to go back into the waiting room. As i sat there and felt my face go numb i got more and more anxious. The problem was I felt like i couldnt breathe properly. I just felt like I couldnt get a full breath and before I knew it the thoughts came flooding in. I was imagining ambulances being called, me fainting etc. I think in the past this would have lead to a full blown ARRRGGHHH moment! That dreaded panic. But i told myself to stop. I tried to relax my body as I was way too uptight, and i slow took nice relaxing breaths through my nose. Thank goodness it passed quickly enough. I was fine after that.

Incase you cant see the video I had 4 or 5 teeth removed and 4 fillings. Need to actually have a look in my mouth and count!

Now I feel the worst is most certainly over with. The next appointment will be childsplay compaired to the 2 previous and FINALLY she will fit my ugly front tooth!

Gerry must be somewhere above the atlantic about now. I dont like the thought of him being so far away but i remind myself.... I have agoraphobia. Gerry Lives 10 minutes away....but it may as well be Canada cos i cant get their either lol. Ok i'm off to drink tea through a straw x