Thursday, 5 January 2017

Bye for now

hi guys I just wanted to pop on and let you know I am still alive and well. It's been a year since I last posted so I'm gonna just end with this post. For now my life is good. I'm
Busy, I'm happy and I just don't get the time to maintain the blog. Current situation... Nathan is now 6 years old and I just worship him. He has his tough moments like all children do but I wouldn't change him
For the world. I have been in a relationship with grant now for 15 months. I am very happy and in love and very very lucky as he's such a great guy. Nathan also adores him. Grant has a little girl and so we are a nice little team and I'm enjoying our time together. I have just started my second year of studying for my health and social care degree. I passed my first year with distinction so that was a proud moment. I have also started working part time while I continue my studies.

I have been panic attack free now for ... 6 years??? And yet the worry that I'll have one still haunts me at times. I feel I've figured my anxiety out and while 90% of the time it's not there, I am able to keep perspective and battle on when it rears its ugly head.

I still have things to work on but it's a massive change from where I used to be and I will always count my blessings. In the meantime if anyone needs to chat just drop me an email as I'm always there when you need support from someone who's been there ✌🏼