Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Winter Blues

Am i the only agoraphobic who is affected by the winter weather?

When it's summer i am out all day. Even if i am only lying sunbathing in the garden i am much happier. I feel more confident and i am able to trying pushing the boundaries further. I enjoy walking in the sunshine, or going for a ride on my bike with my mp3 player on..... but then there's winter.

When the bad weather arrives (which it does very quickly in Scotland) i go into hibernation. I don't want to go out on my bike because it's too cold and i don't want to go out walking and trying to push my boundaries because, let's face it, who really wants to go out walking in the rain? My progress comes to a halt. I sleep a lot. I spend a lot of time in bed watching tv or going online. I lose my routine and the days all just blur into one. I know that sounds really dull and depressing but i just want to be totally honest about this.

I know it's me who allows this to happen. I know nobody REALLY wants to go out in the winter but hey they have lifes to lead so they just need to get on with it. But for an agoraphobic like myself it's really not the best time of year. Does anyone else have the problem?


Sirius said...

Yeah this happens to me as well. My shortness of breath anxiety/hyperventilation seems to be aggravated by the cold. I get anxious in cold weather far easier. That's why I work out indoors during this time. When it's warmer I'll jog outside.

I really hate the cold >_>

danait79 said...

I feel exactly the same as you did, although I live in Greece and we have a longer summer period here.

dani said...

i'm the opposite i hate the heat. i'm reading your stories right now. i keep crying and laughing and feeling hopeful. i can't wait to see how you're doing now

Anonymous said...

I feel that way now. I live in Sweden and it is very hard to live here in winter. The sun only shines 4 hours during the winter months. Now that it is spring and the days get longer and the sun will shine until 11pm, and come back up at 3am, I feel better, but still it is cold and I don't want to venture out of the house.