Monday, 28 January 2008


When i first started having panic attacks at 19 years old i didnt understand what was happening to me. I had so many questions... Is this normal? Does everyone feel the same sensations? What has caused this? How long will this last? Am i going to have these forever?

It was these questions and the not knowing that caused most of my anxiety back then. I would sit on the internet for hours looking to find someone going through the same things as me. I needed to know i wasn't alone. When the agoraphobia came i would say i found it even more difficult to find someone i could relate to. So that's why i have decided to write this blog.
I want to help other people out there who have just started to experience panic attacks or agoraphobia. Or even to talk to people who have been living with them for years. Having just turned 27 i've had my problems for 8 years and its been so much fun!!!! (yes im being sarcastic). I'll talk about my first panic attack, how the agoraphobia set it, medications, therapies, relationships etc. Basically how my life has changed since 1999 and i would welcome anyone to leave comments or tell me their stories. So here goes.....


Trapped Chronicles said...

What triggered your agoraphobia ?

I have had agoraphobia for nearly a year . I still dont fully understand it .