Wednesday, 30 January 2008


The EFT website desribes it as follows - EFT is based on a new discovery that has provided thousands with relief from pain, diseases and emotional issues. Simply stated, it is an emotional version of acupuncture except needles aren't necessary. Instead, you stimulate well established energy meridian points on your body by tapping on them with your fingertips. The process is easy to memorize and is portable so you can do it anywhere.
A family friend put me in touch with another therapist. This was only a few weeks before christmas, and this time it is a man who specialises in EFT. The first session was pretty straight forward. We discussed the therapies i had tried in the past and the man, who i'll call John, taught me about the places to tap on my body.
We went over the sequience of tapping a few times untill he was sure i knew what i was doing. John told me to focus on different problems i was having and to tap on them over the next week.
I had previously tried TFT which is similar but i can admit that i probably didn't do it enough to take effect. So with the EFT i decided i would make a point in tapping every morning and night. John told me that you don't even need to BELIEVE in EFT for it to work so that made me feel a bit better since i seem to have lost faith in some therapies.
I have now seen John 3 times and he also phones to check on my progress. At first i never seen any results from the tapping but only last week i discovered that maybe this could work after all. I can go through phases of feeling completely fine, it can be months and i won't feel any anxiety. But usually once a year i will go through a fortnight of feeling extremely anxious for no reason. I have gotten used to this. I don't particulary like it but i seem to be able to cope with it. Last week i was having a hard time with the anxiety so i decided to tap on it. I don't know if it was the tapping that worked or just that fact that it distracts me but i was on the verge of a bad attack and after tapping i felt fine.
Then the following day when feeling the anxiety come back i tapped again and like the day before my anxiety seemed to fade when the tapping was over.
I am not saying this is a cure, but it could be a handy tool to have should any panic attacks come knocking. I am expecting John to call over the next few days and i will discuss what has happened and in the meantime i will continue to tap.


KirkyB said...

Thanks for this its handy with that picture I have been suffering from Agoraphobia for over ten years and have decided to give EFT a better chance than I did before.

Hope you are well now and wish you all the best for the future thanks for sharing your experiences with us ;)