Wednesday, 30 January 2008

No Wonder I Drink!!

There is a social club not far from my home and within my comfort zone. Now that i was able to walk a little more i decided i would try and get to the pub for a night out with my friends. This would of course involve a little alcohol which seems to give me a bit more courage (not that i am saying anyone should rely on it). I had a few drinks with friends and then set off for the pub. Amazingly i made it! I was totally delighted. When i was there i felt absolutly fine. I did think to myself throughout the night 'Do i feel ok'? and told myself 'If i start to panic i can be home quickly enough' but i was fine. Happy and proud. Go Me!!

This became a regular event from then on. It's not the nicest place by any means but i started to go there every Friday night with friends. Karaoke night. So again i had a bit of a social life going on. The club was always packed, i always had fun, and i always got up and sung....badly.

I knew that going by past events i would need to keep up the routine of going every Friday. If i missed it one weekend it would make it harder for me to go back and that's exactly what happened. I missed one week, then two, then three untill suddenly going back seemed like it was going to be a challenge.

The last time i went to the club i actually had to laugh at myself. It was a friends 21st birthday party and i really wanted to attend. I was so determind but the walk seemed a bit too difficult. Oh well i always had my bike!! My friend Laura came to get me and i told her that i might need to take my bike. She said it didn't matter what i needed to do as long as i made it to the party.

So off i went walking to the club, with my bike.... in a skirt and heels. I didn't really care what i looked like as long as i made it to my destination. Even better was when the party ended and i cycled home in my heels haha. I must have been a sight for sore eyes and would that be classed as drunk driving???