Tuesday, 6 January 2009


For quite some time I have been aware that i have a major addiction to shopping. I have recognised that when I am feeling down, I go and buy myself some goodies from various clothes shops online. I'm sure I'm not the only agoraphobic who has spent money on pointless purchases for example, many many pairs of boots! Where was I planning on wearing them back then, i have no idea, as I didn't go out ha. I also know another agoraphobic girl who would buy clothes for going clubbing even though she would rarely leave the house. When my addiction first begun i would buy clothes and never wear them telling myself... That's my good clothes, Ill keep that for a special occasion hahaha... what occasion?? Where was I planning on going?? Oh well it made me smile.
I mention this as today I took on another little challenge, a trip to the local chemist boots. The chemist has always been there but recently 'Boots' have bought it over so i decided I should go there and check out their make up and other goodies. I did actually need a new foundation so figured that this would be a nice little trip and since I was driving their with my friend Angela it seemed like a 'normal' girls day out. Well not a day out but a half hour lol.
Angela is the slowest person I know and is late for everything!! I relieved a text at 11 saying she was out of bed and would be over after her breakfast. At 4.30 Angela arrived! This meant I had spent the day sitting waiting instead being out walking and it also meant that I had too much time to sit around with my mind working overtime. However we drove to the chemist which isn't far and my nerves were all over the place. I felt very wobbly and not as calm as I have been lately but I put this down to hormones and the fact i had been 'thinking' about it too much.
Well thank goodness I had money in my purse because I went to town! Make up...I'll have that. Face Cream... I'll have that, Hair Clips... I'll have those. As the nerves passed the excitement took over. Well to be fair I usually only get my hair products etc at the local shop and they don't exactly have variety so it was fun to choose something a little more luxurious. That's my excuse. The bill made my eyes pop but didn't stop me from buying the pictured bag at the counter on my way out. I needed something to put my goodies in OBVIOUSLY!
We drove a longer route home with me feeling quite pleased. I know I am still doing quite well but there are plenty of things I still struggle with and my lovely fiance has made his feelings known that things aren't progressing quickly enough for him, give me a break!
Oh and today I received an email asking permission for an excerpt from my blog to be published. It will appear in a psychology text book for A Level Students. The post being printed is one of my diary entries from just before Christmas and the question put to the students is - How does Lynn's account tie in with what you know about agoraphobia? So i found this quite exciting and after granting permission I was told I would receive my complimentary book in May.
My dentist appointment is on the 21st January. Yikes!!!


Emma said...

1st off well done for getting your blog published! Nice to see it being recognised in a positive way. 2nd- the dentist, i feel for you as i cannot attend the dentist, i would be sooo overwhelmed i just couldnt do it so your much braver than i am- let us know how you get on. x

Anonymous said...


That is really great news about your diary entry being used for students. It would be interesting to see what the responses were. It must have been a very welcome mail and a realisation of just how worthwhile your blog is.

All the best