Thursday, 1 January 2009


I made it to my first New Year night out in 3 years!! The last 2 have been spent at home so this was a nice change. I was very nervous about the whole thing but determind to at least try it. We got there at 11.00 and to be honest i didnt feel that great at first but thankfully it passed. I had a good night with basically no anxiety and got home in once piece. Happy New Year Everyone. Lets all have a good one x


Dr. President said...

That's wonderful I'm glad you went out and had a good time. I overcame a fear too when I went to a concert in August I was real nervous but I was determined and I made it. Here's to a fear free 2009.

Lynn said...

Well done you. Thats a fantastic achievement. It really does give your confidence a great boost to be able to do these things. Keep up the good work

Emma said...

Well done!! Im just about to read more of your blog, its like reading a mirror image of what i would write. lol