Monday, 12 January 2009

My List

Ok I have completed my list. I have written some things on a piece of card and plan on taking this in my bag whenever I go out. I feel that, since when we panic the mind goes blank, this could help to remind you of what is important. Also I feel it might even simply act as a distraction at the time. My points are -
  • You CAN do this
  • Don't let it win
  • You are doing what you want to be doing
  • This will pass
  • You are bigger than this
  • Think of your future
  • You will be disappointed if you give into this
  • Tap (eft)
  • You will feel amazing when you get through this
  • Think of the blog (i like to report news of SUCCESS to show it is possible)
  • This is a stupid reaction. You can make this go away
  • Breathe!
  • You will be so much stronger if you push through this
  • This is where you want to be

For many years I have been good at making panic disappear when I am at home. I can relax in my bedroom or i can find some activity to take my mind off it. When I panic now i flee for home to the comfort of my bedroom again but now I want to learn to make that panic go away when I am outside. My mind was quite blank in writing the list but I think I have mentioned the basics, I can add to it later if I need to.


Amy said...

Hey Lynn,Happy B'day to you,have a great year,wishing u everything ur heart desires for!

Lynn said...

Aww thanks Amy xxx