Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Taking more Steps

I am sitting at the window looking at my little car. Awww she is so pretty. I was talking to an agoraphobic friend the other night and we got onto the subject of driving. We discussed me taking driving lessons. This always seemed completely beyond me. Ok, i can drive around my village a little but anything else is a little bit too much at the moment. To learn to drive here we go to another town and the final test route is also quite a bit away.

Talking to my friend I realised that I don't HAVE to go into the other town. Why cant I learn to drive here? Surely we can drive around here and I can learn all the usual maneuvers like reversing round corners, parking etc.

I decided that I would phone a few driving instructors, explain my situation and see what they have to say. If i found someone who sounded understanding then I would book them.

Firstly I had to arrange for my provisional licence to be sent out. I went to Spain when I was 19 and my purse was stolen, including my licence. I thought this would be a hassle but after 2 minutes on the phone I was told it will be posted out immediately. Then I called some instructors. I found a man named Archie, explained the way I am and he said it is totally ok. My area may not be ideal for learning to drive but it will do. He also said that hopefully as my confidence grows i will feel in control and will WANT to drive further because I enjoy it. This made me decide to choose him because that is exactly what I had in mind. So i am happy and proud of myself. Who knows how it will go but i am up for the challenge.

Lesson Booked for Tuesday at 12.30. Wish me luck!


alice said...

good luck for tuesday.
i was so nervous to about driving lessons, i didnt take any. a few people commented that i should at least have a few otherwise i wouldnt pass. well i did pass first time! i think the more driving experience you have the better, so take your own car out as much as you can.
good luck again.

Lynn said...

Well done Alice!!! I actually drove my car today and am considering using it tonight too. I cant believe you passed with no lessons! Thats quite and achievement. Hope you are very proud of that x

Anonymous said...

Hi, and good luck with the lesson! I've been agoraphobic for over four years, and I'm learning to drive (got a lesson in an hour, actually!)

Anyway, I'm LOVING it! I feel very safe being in a car with my instructor, who's great. I was very nervous before the first one, but I'm getting used to it now. Somehow it's easier for me than walking or public transport - I can drive ten miles from home.

So, best of luck to you!

Louis said...

I think it is great for people to take on something that made them apprehensive not just driving but anything. Dont listen to anyone say you cant do it because you can do it no matter what "it" is this time or anytime. and that is for everyone.