Wednesday, 4 March 2009


So this was my teeth before. I know you can see some flaws here... and the hole at the front, but this picture actually doesnt make it look that bad. Believe me it was far worse. But today was the day of my final appointment. This is the day I had been waiting for, when she would work on my 'smile' teeth. For the best part of ten years i have tried my best to hide my teeth. I never show them when i smile and I would cover my mouth when laughing etc. You can see them really badly in my first video post. My teeth looked awful and i almost never put the video on my blog.

I was nervous about today. I panicked in the waiting room the last time and so I had it in my head that this would happen again. I was dreading the numbness and the sudden panic I get when I first get the injection. I did panic in the end, but it was only small and I managed to keep myself relitively calm.

Here is my new smile. It might look weird cos i am not used to smiling this way at all but I thought you all deserved to see the end result since i have gone on about it so much ha. I find it very hard to believe that I dont have to cover up anymore. They are still not perfect but they never will be, I left them way too long without dental care, but I am very pleased with the outcome.

11 extractions
10 Fillings later.....

So after the dentist I spent the rest of the afternoon in the pub. My brother was in there so Gerry and I popped in for a few hours. It was nice to be out with Gerry. Doing something together instead of staying in doors or going one of those stressful drives. Then when we did go home he had a lovely dinner. So it has been a good day.


Nioniel said...

Well done! You must be so pleased to finally have it done.

I know what you mean about always covering them up, I am just the same. My teeth are terrible, I hope I can find the courage to get to the dentist too, I know it would do wonders for my confidence to get my teeth fixed.

Lynn said...

Nioniel you should try. I thought it would be horrendous but it really wasnt. I wish I had done it years ago and I might not have lost so many teeth. But i know u wil get round to it when your ready. I still cant believe i done it. last year i wouldnt have believed you if i told u i would have had my teeth fixed!

Kaci said...

You are so brave to have been able to make it to the dentist for all of that! I hope I can make it back soon too. You are so pretty btw!

Anonymous said...

Well done Lynn.

That is fantastic. I need to get my teeth sorted when I can move out far enough and not looking forward to it when I do.

I noticed alot of your photos are the same as my own- keep the mouth closed. Hopefully now we will all see your lovely smile on show without any holding back.

Again well done as it is a massive thing to do and you have now done it.


Jason said...

Awesome smile Lynn! I'm proud of you.

Melisa (and Frankie) said...

Gorgeous! Beautiful! Amazing!

You have inspired me to go buy a teeth whitening kit to brighten up my teeth again. I can't afford professional whitening right now.

Take care!