Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Response to my letter and Twitter

Within an hour of me emailing the letter below I received a phone call from the benefit agency. Was I a tad harsh? I actually feel a bit bad about it now, I hope i didnt come across as rude. The women basically apologised and fell over herself to help me. She admitted that they don't want to look as though they haven't handled this case properly and has now offered me a home visit. Honestly she could not have been nicer. She has now even said that the doctors letter isn't important and that we will 'work something out'. I just feel bad for the people who may not have spoken up and who may have forced themselves through a very uncomfortable interview. To the people who DO make themselves face those kind of situations, i have nothing but respect!

It seems there is a new internet craze in the UK at the moment. Twitter! I don't know if this is a world wide thing but i have seen it mentioned all over the place in the last few days. So jumping on the Twitter bandwagon I have signed myself up. If anyone wants to add me I am @lynnie81. I may write little updates about how my tasks are going or what I am doing, more so than I would on the blog. Wouldn't it be dull if i popped on here constantly saying.. i walked to a lamppost.. i walked to the shop...

So I hope to see you there, it will be cool to see what you are up to.
P.s = Twitter updates now appear on the right hand side of the blog, with thanks to Nechtan. Technology today heh!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn,

Don't feel bad. Personally I am sick to the back teeth of the attitude of some of these people on the end of the phone playing god with our lives and thinking they have the power to take our income away. Little power mongers who deserve to be put in their place. Like yourself I know how much stress these threats can bring.

The letter from your GP is all that is needed. It is ridiculous that some upstart has tried to tell you otherwise and that is why they are apologising. So don't feel bad. The problem is at their end not yours.

Twitter makes no sense at all but for some reason its addictive. I'm now following you but not in a stalking sense ;) You can get a twitter gadget for your blog. If you need a hand just give me a shout.

All the best


Bookworm said...

Yep, Twitter is an international phenomenon that is touted to be more popular than Facebook if you can believe that...lol. Happy Tweeting! (that's what Twitter posts are called)

Nioniel said...

Glad you've gotten the nonsense with the job centre out. They've tried to get me to go to those interviews before, but luckily all I've had to do is call and explain why I can't go and it's been fine.

Not sure about the whole Twitter thing. I signed up months ago but I've never used it. I linked my mobile but it turns out it costs me 20p (instead of my standard 3p) to text, and you can only get text updates in US and Canada. Following you anyway, but I'll probably forget to check it!

Nioniel said...

Ok, now I can really sympathise with you over the whole job centre thing... Have been on the phone with my doctor's today and having a very similar problem. I need a sicknote for the job centre because I'm agoraphobic, but the doctor won't give me one unless I go to see him, but I can't go to see him because I'm agoraphobic, which is the reason I need the sicknote... aaarrrggghhhhh!

Lynn said...

Oh Nioniel!!!! I sympathise. what you going to do? Wont the doc give you a house visit?

Rachael said...

Good to see thats sorted out and you dont need to feel bad, you should feel good for standing up for yourself!

I havent checked out Twitter yet, maybe i should. I tend to get bored with those sites after a while of being really into them. I used to love myspace and facebook aswell but i've gone off them. It seems everyone is on twitter though so maybe i'll have to get with the times!

Take carexx