Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Lesson 1

(The car I am learning in)

This post shall be short and sweet. I am so tired. Speaking of which, has anyone tried Berroca? I think i need to give that a go, or a multi vitamin because I am just wiped out these days.

So this morning I had my first driving lesson at 9.30. I didn't sleep very well last night as it was playing on my mind. At 9.45 this morning my instructor called me and woke me up to tell me he was waiting outside for me. Oops! I had totally slept through my alarm. In a way this was a good thing. It meant i didn't have time to sit about thinking and getting myself nervous again. I literally had to get up and go.

I really enjoyed the lesson but it looks as though my plan to stay in my village isn't going to work. We drove around for an hour and then Alan, my instructor, told me my driving is completely fine. In order to advance and learn the harder points in driving I really need to go to a busier town. I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand i completely agree with Alan. i felt comfortable today and also can see that i will be able to go further if i am the one in charge of the car. But on the other hand i expected to make this move after a few lessons, not just after one. Alan is coming back for me on Friday and that day he wants me to leave my town altogether and drive near where Gerry lives. In my head that just seems a little bit beyond me. It has taken me 6 months go get to where i am now but Alan thinks i should take the biggest jump ever within three days. i am not convinced really. I think it should be a natural progression i make on my own. Too tired to think about it at the moment. Will give it consideration over the next few days, but i can totally see it happening in the coming weeks which is very very exciting.

On returning home i was right back out in the car again. This time my own car. Again i loved it and seen a big improvement after just an hour with Alan helping me polish up on my old skills. I drove to the shops, drove my brother home. My head still finds all this new activity hard to process. The Lynn my brain knows, doesn't do these things. The Lynn in my heart does though and i am loving this new life of mine.


alice said...

brilliant. just remember your the one in control, and if you feel like going further go, if not do it next time.

i found that when i drove, i was less anxious because i had something to concentrate on, other than myself. i was driving round london as a learner, because i was focusing on anxiety.
this could make you even better!

Anonymous said...

Really good going. Your growing confidence is coming through in your posts. Now I think you can see a new life being created for yourself.

As Alice said you are the pace setter. Don't be pushed beyond where you are comfortable if you think it will undo all your good work. As long as your instructor understands that he must listen to your needs at any given time rather than what he thinks is best then you will be OK.

All the best