Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Charles Linden Defends himself

Who out there has tried the Linden Method?

I have seen adverts online by people who claim it cured them but I am always sceptical. The main problem I have had with this method is that it is quite expensive to buy and so many people simply cant afford it. There are far too many people out there willing to take money and con sick people with the offer of 'a cure', but i would choose never to write something off unless I have actually tried it myself. Therefore i couldn't give an accurate opinion on the success of this program

Anyway, the reason I mention this is because I was told about a forum conversation which has taken place where Charles himself has made an appearance. This is basically a long conversation where people try to challenge Charles and Charles has tried to explain how his method does actually make people well again.

It makes for interesting reading and I can see both sides to the argument but I do find it a little annoying that Charles has offered to help agoraphobics for free... but they need to travel to him. Does he not understand the condition.


Having read the conversation, would you like to try the Linden Method? Apparently he offers a money back guaranteee, hmmm


Anonymous said...

To be honest I think he came across as an arrogant jerk. If they cured "100,000" people where are they and why are they not telling us to do this too? If I got myself cured for 100 bucks I would be telling everyone I know that has anxiety about it.

For those of us with anxiety disorder ask yourself this. "Has there ever been a time when it was so bad you would have done anything or paid about anything to be cured" I know my answer is yes. Ask me this so called program is all about making money off of us in our misery to get better.


Jason said...

Good find.

I remain skeptical, but I'll give him credit for jumping on there and defending himself.

Lynn said...

I agreed Matt that he did seem quite arrogant. I thought some of the things he said were a bit thoughtless. He makes digs at people who suffer anxiety and can't leave the house... I noticed someone said he wasnt a great salesman. I would have to agree

Anonymous said...

Arrogant doesn't come close. He believes that although he got himself out of anxiety on his own, and credit to him for that, that no one else can do it without having him on audio and video en masse. His contempt for anxiety sufferers is hard to mask in his videos which is why I wouldn't give the guy a penny. Its a bit like some ex-smokers who treat smokers worse than people who have never smoked because they feel superior for overcoming it and see those who don't as weak.

He is though a charmer. Quite a few people on NMP have had their heads melted very quickly which amazes me. In a matter of days they've gone from having the pitchforks out to chase him out of town to kneeling before his shine saying its all their fault. Not really that surprising because as everyone knows who has an anxiety problem you get very desperate for "the cure" and your self-esteem takes a battering.

All the best


Jason said...

Unfortunately, we do make for very easy prey because most of us are desperate for help. I know I've already spent tons of money on it.

It's a big business for people that want to look at it that way.

Laura said...

I read the NMP posts about Charles Linden and his replies a few weeks ago when you posted this Lynne and saw that he offered to help a few people for free so today I decided to check to see if they posted in the forum about their progress and the entire thread appears to be gone. Can anyone else find the posts or do you think that Charles Linden must have demanded that all the posts about him be removed?

Anonymous said...

The man is a fraud.
Yes he did have depression and boy did he like to tell people about it.

Charles Linden isnt his original name and when the 'so called' 'method' was first promoted his wife (Jules/Julie ..... Beth must be a second wife) and his real name (Lyndon) were used in testimonials.

Would you trust a man who wont eve put his own name to a solution (check the directors records for the true name).

Sure he is going to defend himself, very few others will - unless they are friends or relatives.

When reading reviews on sites - check who owns the site many are associated companies/people.