Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Not written a few days but thought i would do a quick update of what's been happening lately.

I have had amazing feedback about the blog. I am so happy that people have found it helpful to them, they now see they are not alone. I have received emails from some really great people who i am now keeping in touch with. I like to try an support people as much as i can. I don't claim to be an expert on all this but i do think i have a postitive attitude which is important. Too many people out there can try to drag you down and that't not gonna help you.

I wrote a post a few days ago about my NLP experience and the therapist who claimed he could cure me in one session. I was really angry with what happened back then but i let it go. Now though i have got talking to someone else who has just met with the same guy. She too has been ripped off and left feeling worse after he got her hopes up. After doing a bit if research i have found more people still and have decided that something has to be done. I have written to the Daily Record which is one of our biggest newspapers in Scotland. I hope to hear back from them but if i don't i will try The Sunday Post which is where i first found out about him. I really think he needs to be exposed for what he is. I honestly don't know how he sleeps at night. Oh yeh i am sure there are people out there that he has helped, but what about the others he has let down and basically treated really unprofessionally? When i know how this is going i will name him on here.

So i've been a bit busy with different things, ive been out walking but i do need to do it more. But its cold and miserable and i'd much rather be warm and cosy haha... maybe im making excuses.

Sometimes we just have other things going on and we can't put our full attention on getting out and pushing ourselves. Today my nephew Luke is in hospital having a big operation so thats my priority right now, even if all i am doing is sitting nervously waiting for the phone to ring to hear he's ok. It's a bit tense at home, we are all worried although he will be fine.

Finally today is my mum's birthday so we are gonna have a nice dinner tonight and then i'll be seeing my boyfriend so doesn't look like i'll be going out but all in all i am feeling good. Still positive. Still planning on fighting this and kicking it's ass. Thanks again for all your emails and i would encourage everyone to get in touch if you haven't already. Keep smiling x


clouds30 said...

I am a 36 year young ag living in Australia. I have had this rubbish for 5 years and it's a lonely life. Going to keep an eye on your blog. Would be nice to have a chat one day.
I have never met another ag in person. I feel so alone with this.

Robert said...

Yeah, loads of "therapists" are rip-off merchants, but how do you prove it? It's often just your word against theirs.

Good luck with your "outing" of the NLP con-artist. But be careful of the libel laws - naming him on your blog could get you into bother.

Glad your blog is proving successful!