Thursday, 4 June 2009

A Published Author....Kind Of

Yey my blog is now in a book. Ok so i may be a case study and it may be about my mental illness but so what... Im in a book haha. I appear on a page where is shows 'Lynn an Agoraphobic for 8 years' and then quotes a post I made. I guess it will only be students who will use it so thought I would tell you anyway. I had mentioned the book a few months ago, i was contacted and asked if I would mind my blog being used, but today the finished article arrived in the post. Its MASSIVE! It seems to be mostly about depression/phobias etc but i might just give it a read.


diver said...

Caw, that's Professor Michael Eysenck son of the legend Hans Eysenck ... impressive! Might I ask what was the post in question? And what the Professor said about it?

Nechtan said...

You should be very proud. When you first started blogging I'd guess you never thought any of it would appear in print. That is something to savour.

All the best