Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Communion Pictures

Luke is obviously thrilled to be pictured with me and Gerry came dressed as a chef haha


Louis said...

Hi Miss Lynn, I will send you a long personal note via e-mails later. This is for Gerry. For now Congratulations gerry! As a father and grandfather I can tell you not to miss your chance at being a dad. It is trying it is challenging and it is a wonderful blessing. the first time that little face looks uup at you and grins and you can see no teeth as it giggles at you then my boy you are hooked forever.
the little hand grabbing your finger turns into a vise on your heart and holds you with the most gentle tug. no one will ever be more beautiful than your lady is while she is carrying yoour baby. Not even on her wedding day. Hurry up and marry this lovely girl before someone with the courage to love as the bible teaches a man to love comes along and steals your chance at happiness.