Friday, 12 December 2008


I had to zoom out on google maps to show you the ground covered today. That red shape is getting bigger! I am soo excited. Back out again tomorrow.
Don't like to be negative but im worried that i HAVEN'T panicked. I have been so relaxed in the car and i cant help think... i should panic soon. Why can't i just accept that i am ok instead of asking the panic to visit grrr. Guess its force of habit. However i remain positive and wont let that thought hang around too long.


Rachael Hale said...

Hi lynn, this is great, well done. I really hope it continues for you, im sure it will.

I do exactly the same thing - i worry when im not panicking!
I'm so used to feeling nervous about everything i find it really strange when i feel calm.
Good luck for your next drive, im currently trying to do excatly the same thing and im so nervous but im positive it can be done.

Lynn said...

I agree Rachel. Keep up the good work. I really think its all about positive thinking and having the right mind set. I am feeling excitment about getting out and thats a first! We can do it lol x

Michelle said...

I LOVE the idea of having a visual to show progress! I going to do this as well! Congrats and thanks for the idea!