Tuesday, 29 April 2008


My therapist has contacted me. My appointment is this Thursday at 12pm. Fingers crossed people. He gave Lindsay a new lease of life... maybe it will do the same for me. Here's hoping.


Rachael said...

Hi Lynn
Good Luck with the therapy, im really hoping it helps you
Take care

IkBen said...

We all have our own problems to deal with. People don't have the time to pay much attention to the problems of others. And you know yourself that you decided to pick and choose who you replied to and who not. And you just wanted people who sympathised and said "Oh, you poor thing, you have such a hard time" and so on. Anyone else, anyone who was more realistic...you rejected. And now? You have no-one. No-one cares Lynn. Hard fact of life.

IkBen said...

And how do you think your (now wonderful) therapist would feel if he saw the derogatory comments you made about him...and what you had to say about him to the newspaper you wrote to? Think he would be impressed? Your a two-faced cow. And a slut - I mean, look at the pictures you put on your blog. Fucks sake. Have some pride woman.

Lisa said...

Response to ikben's comments:

"People don't have the time to pay much attention to the problems of others" - and yet you managed to take the time out to READ the blog, SEND an e-mail to her and POST 2 comments? What would you do if you had the time?

And as for have some pride? Why don't you have some respect for other people? What a wonderful person you must be to judge someone you have never met before.

You're obviously the one who is feeling sorry for yourself, for whatever reason.

Oh and it's not "your a two-faced cow" it's "you're a two faced cow"....basic english!!

Lynn said...

ikben you say we all have problems of our own and we dont have time to pay attention to the problems of others. But although i DO have my problems i made this blog to help OTHER people. So maybe we arent all as self absorbed as you may think??

I NEVER want sympathy. Why would i want anyone to feel sorry for me when i dont feel sorry for myself? I have a good life with a fantastic family, amazing friends and a boyfriend who i love. Why would you want to feel sorry for a person who has all that?

Once again i will say i have EVER email ever sent to me regarding this blog in a folder and every one of those emails has been given a reply. Sounds like your saying you have contacted me and i havent written back???

And as for saying no one cares. Well i feel very sorry for you Ikben. I do have people who care for me and i care for them too. Thats family. Thats Friends. And i would put every one of them before me no matter what.

As for me having pride. I have plenty thank you. I have pride and respect for other people. That is why you would never find me spending my time berating people like you are doing now.