Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Decisions, Decisions

This is me many moons ago! I think i must be about 17 in that first picture. I was asked if i wanted to do modelling and said yes like any young girl would. I had a few photoshoots and done a few jobs but decided it wasnt for me. It's not that i didn't enjoy it, it was great! But i was realistic and knew it wasn't going to be a full time career unless i was hungry for it and basically i wasn't. I got a full time job in the real world and the rest is history.

The reason u am showing you these 2 pictures are because they were both taken by a man named Joe. Joe is a great guy and from what i remember we hit it off all those years ago. In a weird twist of fate Joe and i have regained contact 10 years later. Joe is still a successful photographer in Glasgow and after chatting said he wants to shoot my pictures again to show me 10 years later. He thinks this is an interesting idea as he has never done this before and theres all sorts of talk about the new pictures and making them 'edgy' lol

But Joe doesn't know me. Joe doesn't know anything about my life since then. Joe doesn't know i have agoraphobia.

He just called me and we must have chatted easily for half an hour. We definately get on really well, but i still didn't tell him the truth. I think it's because i want to do the shoot. I don't want to rule it out. Maybe i will do it when i am better. Maybe the fact i am agoraphobia will make me an even MORE interesting subject for him haha, who knows?

It's a dilemma all the same. Not a huge one though. I will tell Joe the truth. If he could photograph me at home in my natural habitat that would be fantastic haha, but im not sure if thats possible as it was always in studios in the past with a LOT of equipment. Anyway like i said in the title...decisions, decisions... i will keep you posted.