Sunday, 26 June 2011

Checking In

This is just a quick note to say my next post is on its way. I was going to write it tonight but i dont have it in me. Im ok, its just been one HELL of a month!!
I thought previous months had been stressful but uh uh... this one wins the prize.
I thought my relationship with Nathans dad had broken down, uh uh its gotten waaaaay worse.
I thought my agoraphobia was only slight.... well you get the picture.
Needless to say a HUGE update is due but the outcome will hopefuly be a happy one. Im seeing the light at the end of a never ending tunnel but, wow its been my hardest journey yet.
In the meantime this song has been helping me through. Again ive related it to agoraphobia in a way but really just everything thats going on in my life right now. The guy sings a lot of lyrics really quickly but hopefully you will get the idea. Click here to watch