Sunday, 26 June 2011

Checking In

This is just a quick note to say my next post is on its way. I was going to write it tonight but i dont have it in me. Im ok, its just been one HELL of a month!!
I thought previous months had been stressful but uh uh... this one wins the prize.
I thought my relationship with Nathans dad had broken down, uh uh its gotten waaaaay worse.
I thought my agoraphobia was only slight.... well you get the picture.
Needless to say a HUGE update is due but the outcome will hopefuly be a happy one. Im seeing the light at the end of a never ending tunnel but, wow its been my hardest journey yet.
In the meantime this song has been helping me through. Again ive related it to agoraphobia in a way but really just everything thats going on in my life right now. The guy sings a lot of lyrics really quickly but hopefully you will get the idea. Click here to watch


dani said...

sorry if i sounded so pushy before. i didn't mean to. you post whenever you feel like it. i just love reading your entries. you're an inspiration to me. you are always hopeful and optomistic no matter what it seems. that is amazing.

Jason said...

Looking forward to reading it lynn. The song sounds really optimistic, so I hope that's how you're feeling.

Unknown said...


Just caught up with last three blogs. Firstly does your girl/women/therapist/life coach come to Chester!!!!! As usual really enjoyed reading your blog as as much as ever much of your agoraphobic experiences resonate with my own. Re therapist having done all the usual: as you have some at great expense my friend is of the firm belief that the one who will really help me will not be interested in how much he/she gets paid. Will have a genuine wish to help which you appear may have now found. All the very best with her and hoping you and Nathien enjoy the festive season.