Saturday, 16 January 2010

Let Panic Go

For anyone with an iPod touch or iPhone there is this cool little application. A friend emailed me to tell me about this last night and I downloaded it immediately for a look.

The features of Let Panic Go :-

  • biofeedback enhanced, to help regain control over breathing

  • No audio necessary - Visually formatted for rapid access and ease of use

  • Incorporates mindfulness and cognitive behavioural techniques

  • Simple instructions with build-in training module

  • Guided exercise adapts to the users level of relief.

Well I don't know about all that but I had a little shot last night although at the time i was already completely relaxed. Basically there is a leaf blowing and you have to move it as you inhale and exhale. That was it! But weirdly I did find this extremely relaxing. As I was doing this messages of reassurance would appear on the screen. 'This will pass, your body is already beginning to relax', and other comforting statements.

It then asked me to rate my stress levels after the exercise. I hit the 'distress' button to see what happened next. it then showed a feather moving on the screen and i was to follow my breathing with the feather, matching my leaf with how the feather moved. Ok that might not make much scene, but i guess that the purpose of this exercise is to regain control of your breathing and also to distract your mind.

In all I was pretty impressed. I could see that it would help in someway and if anxious in future I will definitely give it a go. The only criticism would be that I would have liked some music in the background. Or even just some relaxing sounds like waves crashing or something but I would defo recommend it. A bargain at just over £1 (50c).


emma said...

sounds great lynn. x

AP said...

Oh sweet! I'm looking for this now.