Tuesday, 2 February 2010

The Secret

Ok who's read this? 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne.

My parents read it and they were talking about it for days. Then I heard some celebs mention it on TV. My curiosity got the better of me. What's it all about? It's about positive thinking and the law of attraction. Exactly what Jorg has been teaching me. I thought I had anxiety figured out, and have known for years that its my thoughts that cause my feelings, but lately this has been even more obvious. I have a feeling quite a few of you will have read it already but I am going to post some of the best bits.

In the meantime, if you have read it, whats your thoughts on it?


Sarah♥ said...

I got it two years ago.

That's all i have to say...lol

David said...

I got the DVD, and there is a followup which is more practical and specific (no idea what it's called, and didn't really need that much more), and can only descibe my own use of it. I made a list and to be fair two pretty big asks were completed, and working my way through more.

I would say if I get a few more then it may mean more happened than would have otherwise as some looked almost impossible so would indicate some sort of personal influence if do succeed. But I do know life out there is not a random mess, it seems controlled far beyond nature, the next question is can we take the control instead of being from elsewhere?

Lynn said...

I agree David. i think its pretty obvious that it works. Ok maybe not with HUGE things. But generally if you focus on happy postitive thoughts then you will feel better. I have it on Audio and planned to write the key points on here... just not had time to finish it yet lol.

David said...

I'll tell you something, the two I've managed so far (within about a year) have been pretty big ones. They may have happened anyway but one at least was a pretty tall order. You make a list, choose the first and focus on it alone. You only need to take a few minutes and then drop it, just checking how you feel from time to time to check it's still feeling right or adjust it back.

The synchronicities in my life tell me it's far beyond our understanding to explain, but if it seems to work just keep going, like driving or using a washing machine. No need to learn the workings to do that. Pick an aim and see what happens, you never know!

Memory Improvment Tips said...

Secrets should be kept secrets...
Thank you for the post.....

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read the book, but I saw the film. I thought they had some good points and concepts, but it was all so cheesy and overdone, it was hard to take seriously.

The movie seems to be focused on this idea that you can become super rich and move into a mansion if you just focus on it. That was a real turn off to me. I do believe in our ability to manifest that which we focus on, I just don't like how they made so commercial. Why does everyone want to be a millionaire, anyway? I sure don't.

When I want to make something happen in my life, I don't make a list. I write journal entries on the new moon (the time for planting seeds, literally and figuratively) like it's already happened. I wrote about my sister moving in with me (an extremely unlikely event) and she came! Even if it doesn't work right off, it's kind of uplifting to be in an imaginary world where my dreams have all ready come true :)

Bright Eyed said...

Quite interesting. Knowing that you create your own destiny and what you choose to do believe, etc is all created by you. That is what I got out of it. I agree and disagree. For one reason.
I suffer from Anxiety and dont by ANY MEANS feel I would CHoose tho create such hell for my self... no I am not a victim, but that part of the SECRET is hard for me.

David said...

As the coincidence system goes, I just read the answer in the second book of the series which I only bought yesterday. It says prior to controlling our destiny we simply randomly send out subconscious messages which are converted to reality, and with anxiety (my own as well) you have it so tend to focus on it and add even more.
By switching to other areas it may be possible to take over and consciously dump it. No, I'm not sure either but I'm going to try and see what happens.

Vicki said...

Hi Lynn! I found your blog through a search for 'Charles Linden' - and just couldn't stop reading it. It's very generous of you to share so much.
The reason I'm contacting you is I wondered if you (or anyone else reading this) actually bought 'The Linden Method'. I'm promoting it from my website - www.charleslinden.net. I don't suffer from agoraphobia - I just had a ridiculous 'fear' of moths. Charles Linden explains that anxiety disorders are caused by a small area of the brain that triggers panic attacks when it shouldn't and it's this that needs to be 're-wired'. There has been some negative feedback on your blog about him, but he has helped 135,000 people, has a 96.7% success rate, and offers a 365 day 100% money back guarantee. Those are the sort of statistics that make me think "why would someone not give it a go?". At $177, or $99 for the download version, it could sound a bit expensive, but for people paying for drugs, doctors and therapists, I would have thought the purchase cost would be covered pretty quickly.
I'd really appreciate some feedback to help me understand the issues.
BTW - congratulations on your pregnancy! It's 20 years since I was pregnant, but it's not an experience one forgets. :-) Wishing you all the best!

David said...

You can advertise on my blog if you like Vicki, but I'd have to charge you the going rate. After all, the money you should make from extra sales should easily cover it.

That sounds like a fairer deal to me at least.