Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Luke's Big Day

Luke made his first communion on Saturday. It was the day I was hoping to attend the most and i was so glad to be there. All the work and nerves were made completely worth while when he seen me in the chapel. His little face lit up. Pity he doesn't looked so thrilled in our picture.

The weather was totally miserable which was a shame but the service was lovely and I was really proud to be there and watch him. He done so well. The Alter is up some steps but his step dad thoughtfully built a ramp so that Luke could be independent and wheel him self up to make his communion like the rest of the class.
After the service we made our way to a local bowling club where the families joined together for some food and drinks. It really was a lovely day... but a tiring one! My nerves held out perfectly to my relief but when it was all over i was exhausted.


Jason said...

Haha I knew it! Don't ask me how.

Anyway, you've made some great progress and as long as you stick with what you've been doing, I think it'll keep getting easier and easier.

I can understand the worry though.