Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Downloads for Everyone

I recevied an email from a girl who told me about a website where you can store all sorts of files. I have made an account on the site and added everything i have for anxiety. I have a few still to add but so far i have uploaded the following :-

  • My favourtie Dr Weekes recordings which comes in 4 parts. Very good for people with agoraphobia and/or depression.
  • Paul McKenna's download for Agoraphobia
  • Panic Away - A popular book only available online
  • One More Live - Not sure what this is, it was sent to me and i havent checked it out yet.
  • A relaxation download - 3 Parts (i havent tried this)
  • The EFT Manual
  • A book called Truth Misbelief
  • A book called Anxiey Give away.

If anyone would like a copy of any of these they simply log into the website and click on what they would like. I thought this would be good for people who want to try these files without having to pay for them, possibly they cant afford them. I know i couldnt at times.

All you have to do i log into http://www.dropboks.com/ and enter my email adress as the user name. Lynn_jackson@hotmail.com (thats lynn Underscore jackson at hotmail dot com, it underlines it in the blog so you may not see the under score) the password for the account is blogger. Enjoy people. If you have any problems please feel free to let me know. The Linden Method isnt on there at the moment but i will add it and will keep you up to date on anything else i put on there. Also if there is a particular download you are interested in which i dont have let me know what it is and i will try to get it and add it to the folder. Maybe you can send me things i dont already have by email, or put them in the folder, then we can all help each other and share what we have?

Progress for me is continuing. I am still going out everyday. Sometimes to the shops, sometimes only to the bottom of my street depending on my mood and the weather, but i am still very happy with how things are. Also had a little shot of driving again, if possible i was worse this time round but hey... ill keep trying ha. Hope this update finds you all well and positive and i hope this download information will be helpful to you.


Robert said...

Hey Lynn-

Congratulations girl! Good to see that you're progressing. And it sounds like you have struck lucky with your choice of boyfriend. What you're doing every day is what I would like my other half to be doing. Wanna try to talk her into copying you?

SuperNat 07 said...

I realize that this post is from a very long time ago but I was hoping that the login information might still work but I tried them out on dropbox.com and they sadly don't anymore. I'm 23 and have had panic disorder for 3.5 years and agoraphobia for several months. The copies of files would really help me out. If you're still willing to share them reply here as I'll check back or you can email my at supernat07@gmail.com