Thursday, 25 September 2008

More of the same

Where has this sudden determination come from? Is it me or could Paul McKenna be working? Maybe its a mixture of both?? However, i thought i would do a short update to say things have been continuing very very well. I have been out everyday and even weirder i have been ENJOYING it. I have been painting, gardening (cutting the hedge was hillarious, didnt realise how big a wimp i am, my arms are aching!!) decorating in the home, cycling and pushing my boundaries, keeping on top of housework everyday. I dont understand the sudden change but i am making the most of it. I know i have been through times similar to this before and then the anxiety has come back and set me back but this time i refuse to give in. If i need a week in bed to 'sort out my head' ill take it but i wont beat myself up about it. I know the good days come back and right now im very happy. Today i was back at the shops. Thats now 3 times in one week after months of not going near the place, so i am very happy right now.

The other night i was very anxious. I knew it would happen. But i just rolled with the punches and let my body do it's thing. I will continue to update my diary everyday and listen to Paul McKenna.

I plan doing a task everyday, the weather has been good so thats certainly helped but even when it rains im making myself GO OUT. Usually i would just hide under the covers. I know the only way to beat this will be lots and lots of effort and only i can do it. No one is gonna wave a magic wand and make me better so i may as well get on with things. It could take years and years but i dont care. Tonight i have my nephew and then tomorrow my other 2 nephews are getting dropped off so ill be busy. Long may the progress continue.


Sarah♥ said...

Where do you find this Paul McKenna thing?

Lynn said...

You buy it from his website but i have already said that if anyone wants it i will give them a copy. Its a large file so i would need to transer it through AIM or Windows live if you use them?

tashi said...

" ... but i just rolled with the punches and let my body do it's thing."
Yeah, I know that feeling, saying to yerself, "here we go, time to rock and roll." It's more roll than rock but I think you know what I mean.

The older I get the more I suspect that anxiety therapy is all about 'management' rather than 'cure' : for me, keeping really busy and productive (15 hours a day if necessary) has proved the only really effective way to absorb anxiety or at least reduce the amplitude of its physical symptoms. Your post today confirms my suspicions, anyway, thanks.

And well done, so good to hear you powering along like this and even better, enjoying it !

Zathyn Priest said...

I stumbled upon your Blog a few months ago and then I disappeared from the Blogging world entirely. I'm only just starting to catch up again and I'm relieved I saved your link.

I'm glad you're doing well at the moment, there's a lot to be said for alternative therapy. I've chosen that route myself and feel better than I have for a long while.

Best wishes, I hope this calmer state of mind remains with you.