Friday, 31 October 2008

Bike Ride

Thought i would try something new and show a video of my typical bike ride. This is me beginning at the shops and heading home. This will give you an idea of how small my safe zone is... and also the lovely surroundings i see every day..not! Enjoy.


Sarah♥ said...

Flipping heck, that went on for ages!!! I wish i could go that far.

Lynn said...

Ha someone else said that too but to be honest its not that long. 3 minutes. Seems longer when your doing it though. I didnt know i could put videos on this so might actually do another one showing me trying to walk and then share the negative thoughts im having at the time.. what do u think?

Rachel's Diary said...

wow what a great idea.... you did so well hun... even I was nervous when u got to the open road bit,, great stuff, my bike is my God send... gets you home so mush quicker x x well done x x