Monday, 3 November 2008


On Thursday i had my appointment with the Homeopathic Doctor to see if there is any remedy that may help my situation. It was an interesting hour spent answering the most unexpected questions. As well as the usual questions about my anxiety and agoraphobia i was also asked things like, what do i dream about, do i like animals, what colours do i like?

I now realise that homepathic medicine is prescribed to suit the individuals health AND personality. The women explained that my medicines would be completely different from any other agoraphobic as they are tailor made to suit my needs.

I have since then researched homepathic medicine online and it seems there are some fantastic stories from people who have found their remedies very helpful. I recieved my pills on Saturday with the instructions on how to take them. It is simple enough, i have to take 2 a week. Thats it.

The problem here is my negative thoughts working over time. The women told me i can only take 2 a week because they are so 'potent'. Ok so now the word 'potent' is stuck in my head. If the pills make me anxious, are they so 'potent' that i will be anxious the entire week. I know this is totally irrational but tell my brain that! I have been reassured constantly that their are no side affects from homeppathic remedies, yet my mind wont accept it. I have even recieved an email from the women saying...

No, you will not feel more anxious but should find gradually and subtly you become a little easier in yourself and 'lighter' about life. Take the remedies and just let go... leave them do the work... we will catch up in about 4 weeks to discuss and see the changes.

I am just terrible at taking pills. I know this is due to the terrible reaction i had to my medication when i was 19. I spent a week like a zombie, my eyes were popping out of my head and i was panicking all day. I know this wont happen now but the thoughts are there. Anyway i know i will take my remedy. I actually have a feeling they will do me good. Ok, so its not a cure but if i can feel a little 'lighter' about life then i am all for it. I will let you know how it goes.


Donna said...

I know exactly what you mean about taking pills. I am so afraid of them. I think goes hand in hand with anxiety disorders. Wow, it's nice to know that I am not totally alone on this. I'm sorry though at the same time that you have to deal with it.


Robert said...

I have nominated you for up to 2 awards and I've tagged you simultaneously. Pop along to my blog & see if they're worth picking up.

Best wishes!

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