Wednesday, 7 May 2008

My E Mail

I just recieved this email. At first i chose to ignore it but then i decided to let people see it as i found it quite amusing.

'Coupla things about your blog - you seem to really fancy yourself, lots of high resolution images of your "gorgeous" self for the boys to download and look at, especially the one where your showing your fanny, with your poor innocent nephews. Come on - stop being such a fucking slut. No-one cares. Another thing - your English is really bad and as for no-one emailing you now - well DUH! People aren't interested in your daily life, dear. They are far too into their own lives to pay too much attention to yours, no matter how out of the ordinary and eenteresting you think it is. And, now you're desperate for email friends, makes you wish you hadn't ignored those people, doesn't it? Beggars can't be choosers, Lynn. And you went to see the guy you already slagged off on your blog? Yeah, you're nice...what do think he would say if he knew'?

  1. I am searching and searching for a picture where i am showing my 'fanny' but can't seem to find one.
  2. I never claimed to have fantastic spelling, or to write well, but how can this person say my english is terrible and then use words such as 'eenteresting' and 'coupla'?
  3. I don't love myself. I put the pictures on as the blog is about me and those are recent pictures OF me.
  4. The therapist who i 'slagged off' in the past is a completely different person to the one i am seeing now.
  5. I am not desperate for new Email friends.
  6. I have never ignored a single email from anyone who has contacted me regarding my blog.
  7. This person says that no one care what i am doing on a daily basis but he or she has obviously read a previous post i made WEEKS ago regarding an old therapist to make the comment above. This person will also know that i have seen a new therapist. Looks like someone has been reading what i have been doing day to day... strange.
  8. I never claimed to be out of the ordinary or interesting, i never thought anyone would want to read about my daily life, im sure it would be very dull to hear what time i got up, what i ate for breakfast or what programs i watched on tv. But some people DO want to hear from someone who suffers from the same problems that they do and if they find comfort in reading my blog then i am delighted with that.
  9. The sender decided to keep their email address anonymous. Coward anyone?

Usually i would tell people to rise above these kind of insults but i just wanted to get a few things straight. I hope i have and rest assured if i recieve an email from the same sender they will be ignored in future.

This blog is meant to give a personal account of how i deal with my problems. If i have ever upset or offended anyone then i apologise. But the only advice i can give to the person who wrote this mail is very simple... If you dont like me or my blog, then don't read it.


SarahC♥ said...

Thats a bit shit isn't it. I would totally ignore that kind of rubbish. Delete and delete again!


freya_uk said...

I agree with Sarah!
I love reading your blog and check back daily, as a fellow suffer of a similar age i think its fab that your doing this blog :) keep it up!

Robert said...

Personally, I don't think that your anonymous person's email was even worth the effort of posting it here. You just gave an asshole some publicity. Any junk like this should just be deleted and never thought of again. Anyone who has anything of value to say will NOT be anonymous.

Good luck with the new treatment(s).

Tashi said...

That was a sad and hurtful email Lynn. I guess it illustrates the downside of blogging ... some people just hopelessly misunderstand others' good intentions. The truth is that its a privilege to read your emotionally honest blog, and the photos you post here simply help make it all the more "real" for the reader. If others have a problem with any of it, well, like you say, viewing is optional.