Friday, 20 November 2009

My Visit To The White Witch

I have just returned from an appointment with a white witch who read my tarot cards.

I know there will be a lot of sceptics out there, but I would say I am quite a spiritual person and this kind of thing has always interested me. I had a few readings in the past, about 10 years ago, and so I was eager to see what I would be told, since the past 10 years have been pretty eventful.

Eventful might not be the best way to describe Agoraphobia, because the past 10 years have involved a lot of sitting around doing nothing. A lot of boredom, and a lot of time in my bedroom. But on a mental level this was obviously a massive part of my life. I am going to write as much as i can remember from my reading, basically so i can remember it all while its still fresh.

So I sat down and Jackie told me a bit about herself and how she is a white witch, she explained the tarot cards to me, and before I was told to shuffle the pack, she immediately told me something. 'I am sensing that you are very empathetic, you can read people very well. But not only this. Other people's emotions affect your emotions, and this isnt always necessarily a good thing. It isnt always nice to walk into a room and know immediately what someone is thinking about you'. 'Do you know you are an empath'?

I have now googled this and here is the description of an empath.

It is the ability to not only read energy, but to literally feel its effects within your own body. In other words 'to energetically empathise with another'. In short when someone has an experience to which they have a physical or emotional reaction, you instantly 'get it'. When a person is said to be an 'Unconscious Empath', it simple means that they are not schooled in that particular psychic ability, and they are a walking 'psychic energy sponge'.

Hmmm ok. I did always think I was an excellent judge of character and that I can read people very well emotionally, but never thought there was anything psychic about that. Anyway... I shuffled the pack and Jackie dealt the cards. She then went on to say that my cards were showing lots of creativity. She said I am very artistic and I am bursting with creativity. I have never ever thought that I was artistic in anyway! She said that there are usually 2 types of people. Either you are very artistic or you are very academic. But that in my case my cards were showing a great deal of both. She said I am very intelligent (no laughing please). That's all very nice to hear but I really still didn't agree with the artistic thing but she kept on about it and all i could think about was.... my blog??? I really don't know what she was getting at.

It continued in this way for a while. Jackie saying that I am creative and that I need to express this in some way, and that I have an exciting offer coming my way regarding this. She mentioned a promotion but since i don't have a job, that seems unlikely. Whatever, she was telling me nice positive things so I wasn't complaining. Maybe something will come my way? I am certainly looking.

She showed me the cards which represented my past and I have to say they were the most dull and miserable cards on the table. Right at the bottom of them though was the death card. I have always known this card to be positive. The death card usually means the end of something and a new beginning. So it seemed the cards were saying I have had a hard time in the past, even an awful time, but that this is coming to an end. Jackie said she could see that I was working hard to better this situation and that I was continuing to fight. Well I can only assume this is the anxiety and she could see how hard I have been working to get over it. She advised me to keep at it because i will get where i want to be. Regarding my past she never mentioned any specific problem but said it seemed like a depression, but my lips were sealed.

On my personality she said I am a very caring person. That I am very independent and determined. In the past I wouldn't have said i was determined but i guess after the last year this has changed somewhat so maybe she was correct with that. She explained that I need time on my own and that I need my own space. Well this is very correct.

Love life. She mentioned a male in my life who was a fire sign i think. Leo, Aries or Sagittarius. Well as far as I am aware Gerry is none of those signs but everything else she said about the male makes me think that it has to be him. She also done a reading on Gerry, the basic theme being.....

Gerry and I are soul mates. We have finally met our match in each other. He can be a very positive person. He is very ambitious and wants to be the boss. He wants to provide for me and give me everything I want out of life. We will not part. We both want the same things out of our future (true) and we have a very happy future ahead of us. Gerry is very stubborn and doesn't like being told he is wrong. It is Gerry's way or no way at all (i laughed when she said that). She said he needs to understand my Independence and not take things so personally. She asked if something had happened in his past to make him so insecure (i asked him that exact question). She said he is completely in love with me. He thinks I am the best thing in the world and that there is no one better (i didn't really agree with that, hes certainly never told me that). She showed me a card with sticks and she said that is Gerry beating people around you away. He wants you all to himself. haha so true!!! She told me that he has a surprise planned for me round about Christmas time (emmm a gift maybe??) but she did say it was something special, so perhaps not just a material gift. She asked if we are trying for a baby and said she sees us receiving good news about this in August next year.

Emmmm i think that's about it really. It was a very positive reading and it made my future sound quite rosy. She did say if she seen anything bad she would tell me about it, but thankfully nothing was mentioned. We ended our reading with her again talking about my psychic ability. She told me to buy some tarot cards and practice at home. She said I will learn to use my ability better then and that I wasn't ready before (she somehow knew i had bought tarot cards in the past).

So it was a nice little night out for me and my friend Angela. I didn't learn anything very specific but its nice to hear that Gerry and I are good for each other. I know i don't need someone else to tell me this but its still nice to hear. Oh and obviously we are engaged but the 2 of cups was one of my cards regarding Gerry and apparently that's it was all good.


David said...

Tarot cards are a way of focusing on existing ability, and a quick way of illustrating it. If I do a few readings in a row I don't need them after that as the same stuff comes in with or without them.
One more phenomenon is when people want extra cards and get the same ones each time. And in following readings if something hasn't changed.

I did go to a circle to study this so not just blown in off the street, there's a lot more possible than just these believe me.

Lynn said...

So what did you think of my reading David? And do you think i should buy some cards?

diver said...

Excellent experiment Lynn, it made for such an interesting post! It must have been neat to get a glowing report about you and Gerry like that one - can't ask for much more in a partner than all that I guess.

I had my first tarot reading (ever) back in December last year. I was most skeptical until I shuffled the cards and dealt 'em. The first one out of the deck - supposedly representing 'me' - was 'The Hermit' ha effing ha.

Fascinating about the empath label - nothing like a new label, eh. Hmmm, here's an interesting theory for you : do you suppose it's possible that you're a super-sensitive psychic sort of person but in the past have not known how to protect yourself from the flood of sense impressions floating around out there in 'the agora'? And your panic attacks, well these might somehow relate to this 'undeveloped' psychic ability of yours? I suppose it's possible that your agoraphobia might even be a coping strategy you've unconsciously adopted to protect yourself from all the psychic 'stuff' you pick up on? O well, hard to prove I suppose ...

Lynn said...

Hmmm nice theory Diver. Wouldnt it be nice if I used my psychic ability and all the anxiety just disappeared! Unfortunetaly I dont FEEL psychic. Yeh i have always been able to read peoples moods but i never thought that was to do with being psychic...just being a good judge of character. I will buy some tarot cards and see how i get on. It was certainly interesting though and nice that I didnt get any bad news. She did warn me if she seen anything bad, she would tell me about, but nothing was reported.

David said...

It looked OK to me, although of course I don't know much about you so only you know if it's accurate. I'd steer well clear of reading the future and even if some do get it right isn't what it's about, it's to tell you what's here now.

I'd tune in myself and say you could accept your agoraphobia and not care about changing but be comfortable with how you are. Then I think more things would fit into place naturally. You clearly do have talents in that field, agoraphobia is only a heightened sensitivity to stress, but comes with other sensitivities as well in many cases which are useful.

Whatever creative area you have then use it, and also help other people with their problems. Yours tend not to get in the way when you are focussed on someone else so not an issue. You seem slightly out of balance at the moment and accepting exactly how you are (whatever others want or expect of you) should put you back. If you want to change then go ahead, but don't be directed by others to, that goes for everyone by the way, not just you!

Jason said...

I have to say, I've never put much stock into these things. Sounds kinda fun though and now I know I'm a fire sign. Are you interested Lynn? haha jk.

diver said...
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diver said...

'... i never thought that was to do with being psychic...just being a good judge of character.'

O well. Aside from some comprehensive personality tests the only other way to judge character is 'intuitively' isn't it?, which in turn is just a less-glamorous word for 'being psychic'. So sure, maybe the witch is right when she recommends tarot cards and stuff like that to help you develop this apparent talent. It'll make for good blogging material too ;-)

Sorry for the deletion.

Lynn said...

Thank you Diver thats exactly the word i was looking for 'intuative'!! However, i have now bought tarot cards haha. We shall see how it goes.

Thank you again for your comment David... and Jason like u said, its a bit of fun but nice if it comes true lol

Louis said...

hello just looking in.
A tarot reading always seems acurate because you are told general items anyone would want to hear about themselves. How many times will you go to someone like this and hear you are a cruel self centered bigot that puts people off and will never amount to anything?
Witchcraft like tarot cards or Ouija boards are all a part of witchcraft which is a waste of your time and intellect. Wiccans worship the creation I know you are a Christian and do not follow this sort of nonsense but would just want some amusement.
I strongly caution you not to engage in such fruitless activities. It is an open door to a world you do not need to have enter your life. there is not such thing as Black or white witchcraft there is only the craft it is a demonic channel that can cause great harm to enter the life of even a nice person like you and your fiance.
Please stay away from it. Pleasee accpet this in the sprit it is given.

Terri Brunner said...

Interesting read. I used to be extremely agoraphobic. Diagnosed as a symptom of my complex PTSD. However, I always knew my anxiety and panic attacks were mainly due to my being highly empathetic. I went through many different councelors, and psychologists that were no help at all. I finally met my savior. Well she helped me so much I think of her that way. A psychotherapist that changed my life in less than two months going once a week. I went from having anywhere between five to ten panic attacks a day (sometimes more if a public place was involved) a's having passed out in so many places I can't even list them all to having none. No panic attacks at all. Haven't had one in almost three years. I started my own business shortly after even! I have a tarot deck too. I don't use them as much as I used to because without them I know just as much. If I would need advice on something big I might pull them out. I really hope you find the way to freedom from all the negative thoughts as I have because I never knew life could be so great. I had some real hard work to do though and it was hard to do the inner self work the most. But, I was done being a victim. I hope this has helped in some way. Continue writing you seem great at it.