Saturday, 7 March 2015

6 week FREE Depression/Anxiety Course

Hi guys,

Before my next personal post, I wanted to give you another link you may be interested in.

I found this course quite by accident but it has grabbed my attention and, again, ive signed up.

A completely free course by a psychotherapist called Hugh MacNab.  According to the description, he has a personal mission to help as many people as possible recover from anxiety or depression.  The methods he uses have been adapted for video and are available in a carefully planned series of 5 sessions over 6 weeks.

Ill leave you to watch his video and decide for yourself..


Anonymous said...

I have suffered with severe anxiety and agoraphobia for a lifetime , No matter how much i practice relaxation and positive thinking or actually put myself in fearful situations my anxiety never subsided , This year i started taking probiotic followed by eating sauerkraut to now making my own sauerkraut and other fermented vegetables , My anxiety level has steadily dropped i haven't had an anxiety attack in months even though i am putting myself in difficult situations , I have since looked into probiotic's and the brain and it turns out they are highly recommended for many many mental and physical conditions , Please research this subject for yourself

Lynn said...

Thank you. That's really interesting. I will definitely check it out x