Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Hi everyone. I decided to create a Facebook page just for us!

Some of you may already use different websites to look for advice or just to talk. And so i thought we could have our own little meeting place. I know there are a few pages for agoraphobia on Facebook already, but some people dont like to have the 'agoraphobia' groups associated with their page. Then people will know we are mad right?? (just kidding).

But personally ive been invited to a few pages, and since i live in a small town where no one knows my issues, i prefer to keep it that way, and so due to 'panic attacks' or 'agoraphobia' being in the name of the group, ive rejected them. So here is a solution.

This page is in my name, and you are all welcome. Come just to be a member, to share stories, ask questions or whatever you desire.

Click HERE to join, or click the badge on the right.

Its a work in progress as i have done NOTHING on there so far, but hopefully it will get filled with useful links and info along the way.


Flipper said...

have requested, i'm phillipa :)

Lynn said...

Got you Phillipa. Thanks :)

Its not in my name now. Its BloggEr.

Dont want people confusing my personal one and this one. But couldnt think of a better name. all suggestions welcome lol x

Katy said...

I Have requested I'm Katy and have Agoraphobia and panic attacks :(

Anonymous said...

I am 58 and have had agoraphobia actively for the past 29 years. It is hard getting others to understand what we go through each and every day trying to live a NORMAL life. You have to put aside guilty feelings for not being able to do and live life the way others expect you to. You do the best you can each day and live and love life everyday the best you can.One day at a time. One day you are able to go somewhere and yet the next day going that same distance is an impossible task. You have to always fight and strive to get better but you must also realize this is a condition just as someone who has a physical, visible ailment and it is a constant battle to do things others do in their daily lives and take for granted. Because people cannot see your disability such as if you were in a wheelchair, etc. they tend to not understand it and treat it as a disability. I am thankful every day for what I am able to do. Mary Bennett -

Michelle said...

I have sent a request x

mental health girl said...

Ive sent a request :) xx