Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Its the End of Days

Scotland from space.. completely covered in snow

Well you'd think it was here in Scotland. The weather we are having is mental!!!

Scotland has a reputation of having bad weather and so you would think when it hits us we would be organised. Not at all! We have had snow and the lowest temperatures in years and it is causing utter chaos.

Traffic has been at a stand still and people have been stuck in their cars for over 15 hours. The temperatures vary but I have seen -15 here the last few nights. The shops are empty with people panic buying and so you ll struggle to get some milk and bread. The schools are all closed leaving poor parents tearing their hair out with the kids stuck in doors. There have been deaths reported with people freezing to death outside. (mainly Old people who had perhaps fallen). Many people stuck on endless traffic have just abandoned their cars and walked home. Lorries are jackknifed all over the country and many other accidents reported. And of course people cant get to work etc so in short the place is falling apart.

For an agoraphobic caught in the middle of this it isn't a barrel of laughs. I remember years ago if i saw the beginning of fog i would be sent into panic, would close all the blinds and curtains and hide away in my bedroom. I hate the claustrophobic feeling fog gives me. The snow has been doing much the same. Although I haven't had a panic attack i have definitely felt very uneasy and try not to focus on the fact that if i want to escape... i wont really be able to.

Escape what though?? I dunno. Just escape the panic i guess. Worse case scenario if panic was causing me to absolutely lose the plot i would rely on the fact I have a car outside and could go to hospital But with this weather that wont be happening. It would take me hours to get to the nearest hospital now and I'm just praying the roads are in better order when i go into labour!

Yes no sign of baby as yet. My due date is the 16th and so I am hoping the weather situation may be slightly better by then. If not I can relax (somewhat) knowing that the ARMY have been drafted in to drive paramedics around in 4x4s!

Everyday I check my car is working and mostly it sits there with a battery which has been killed by the cold or i simply cant get it in at all as its completely frozen shut! I have managed a little walk to the shops each day but its not enough, i am experiencing extreme cabin fever! I'm used to seeing my mum everyday for a cuppa and a chat but I haven't seen her in a week now and its starting to get on my nerves. So tomorrow I am out of here! I am braving the elements before i lose my mind. Its not good for me to be at home with too much spare time and too much time to think. Always better to keep busy i say.

Baby wise I am pretty huge now. Sleeping ok but growing increasingly uncomfortable and nervous about the pain i am due to go through lol. There is no way out of it really it just has to be done and so I am coping ok with my 'just get on with it' attitude. Still its not exactly a thrilling thought.

My updates are lacking because i literally spend my days doing the same stuff and so haven't had much to update you with but im sure that will change over the coming weeks. I hope you are all well and looking forward to Christmas. I'm not making any great plans for mine this year as I have no idea where I will be or what state ill be in lol. Wherever you are I hope your anxiety free and warm!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, so amazing living in snow. Something I know nothing about being in Queensland, Australia. Keen to hear about your birth. Goodluck with it. You are a brave woman.
I, unfortunately have too much time alone. I HATE IT. Not much choice though as I have no friends and family don't care. Hard to get out when ag.

Lynn said...

Anon thats not so good. Sorry to hear your family dont care. As for friends can you not travel at all. Maybe try joining a club or something where you might meet people? x

Jason said...

wow! Looks nasty over there. We had an early cold spell that lasted a few weeks, but no snow. I guess it all went over there.

I know that feeling though of being trapped. I usually find it kinda silly since I would normally be looking for excuses not to go anywhere, and then as soon as I truly can't go anywhere, panic sets in. go figure.

Btw, I can really understand being nervous about the birth, but I'd probably just try to focus on the fact that it'll all be over soon and those worries will all be behind you. Any time I have no choice but to do something I'm dreading, I always focus on the feeling I'm gonna have when it's over.

Take care.

Em said...

good luck lynn, im sure all we go well and you will cope amazingly. cant wait to see the pictures of the little baby.

snows nearly gone here, i really dont want anymore!x

Laura said...


It appears that you have the snow we usually would have gotten in New Hamsphire. I am very excited for you about being so close to giving birth. I can't wait for your next update. I am in the process of closing on a house with my fiance and I am dealing with the same feelings and negative thoughts you wrote about in your last post. I can not picture myself going to my house and being comfortable but I know that I can do it just like you did when you moved.

doggone opinions said...

hello, i just stumbled on your blog even though this blog site is hard to figure out.i am in wv and we have snow in the winter but not too bad to deal with. i have a fear of driving in it because i had a bad wreck once but it was not because of the weather.and now i know how easy it is to get hurt so i don't take any chances.i don't have kids but i am the only one that don't out of 10 sisters and 1 brother. so don't worry too much about your labor because my mother went through it 12 times. ha ha. now days there are no pain. i just watched my great neice be born 2 months ago and the mother talked all of the way through the birth.almost all of us have anxiaty attacks now and then but not as bad as you say you do. this is something you really need to get over especially since you are going to be a mother. the best way to get over it is just put it in your head that you can do anything in the world that you want to do. most of it boils down to low self asteem you need to put more confidence in your self. and worrying about your baby will be a normal process it is only natural. don't let it upset because you will know your baby's needs by instinct just the way animals do. thats what my mom says. when you go into labor you should have plenty of time to wait on an abulance they usually aren't born that quick. by the mom delivered 3 of us alone because she had no choice we lived in the country and dad worked away. she cut my navel cord and washed me and put me in bed with her.i was 3 months old when i first went to a dr and 14 years old when i got a birth certificate.congratulations on your new home,your new baby and your understanding husband.from what you have wrote on your blog you have came a long way and conquered a lot of your fears. keep up the good work. YOU CAN DO IT. YOU CAN CONQUER ANYTHING IF YOU REALLY WANT TO.