Thursday, 26 June 2008


Hi all, i want to apologise for not writing sooner. Things have been a little crazy for me. My pride and joy my lovely laptop has died! Luke spilled juice on it and it no longer types so i cant get online as often as i would like. I have also split up with Chris. This was my choice and am totally ok with the decision so i will explain more in future.

Really i just wanted to let everyone know that i have not had the 2nd EMDR session as yet. Alison had to cancel our appointment and then i had to cancel the next one as i had an appointment with an occupational Therapist. The OT is called Karen and i will be meeting with her on a weekly basis. Today was my second meeting with Karen. The last two sessions have really been mostly talking and ive had the usualy homework like answering questions about my thought etc. Next Thursday i will be seeing Karen again and this time i think we will actually be venturing outdoors.

This weekend i have my 3 nephews and then the summer holidays begin so i will be out more running around after the kids. I will write in more detail about the Occupational Therapy next time and will let you know whats happening with the EMDR.

Sorry again for the huge gab in messages. I hope everyone is well x


Callie said...

Hi, I've just read your blog and wanted to let you know that i am an agoraphobia sufferer too, and have just started a blog on here.
Very nice to find someone in the U.K that has this and is nearer my age (most people i find seem to be american and much older than me,odd as it sounds!)

So just a quick hello and hope you are ok =]